Paid Search Management

Paid Search Marketing is a proven way to consistently drive targeted high converting traffic, with affordable upfront investment. We recommend this channel both as a first step for bringing new products and services to market, and for winning increased market share for established offerings.

Our Method

We create a custom campaign for each of the major search engine platforms. Your campaign will include ad copy crafted to match your important keywords, campaign & landing page. To find your best traffic sources we research your keyword traffic and your competitors to maximize your initial success with the campaign.

The RevUpNet Difference

What separates us from most agencies is that we have a flexible business model which enables us to work either on a percentage of spend or on a pay per action basis. When pay per action is applied then our interests for increasing results, not ad spend, are completely aligned. On all campaigns, we provide daily monitoring and make sure to clip any high cost-low converting words while testing high potential opportunities to maximize the amount of sales you can generate at your current level of ad spend. We often increase results without increasing ad spend.

Each week you will receive completely transparent information about how your campaigns are progressing.

Search Engine Marketing is an essential channel

Search Engine Marketing allows you to generate a consistent stream of well targeted consumers that will deliver a high ROI. This consistency allows you to optimize your entire conversion funnel and maximize your overall success from all online marketing initiatives. Search Engine Marketing is an ideal source of traffic for testing and optimization.