Media Opportunities

We test cutting edge marketing technologies and find additional promotional methods that generate results, such as:


Turn your video content into performance marketing devices. Using our partnered technology, you can add dynamic links to any if your video content that can include special tracking codes to see exactly respond to your message.


Reach your ideal customer with targeted email marketing. We can set up a campaign with dozens of filter so the email only reaches its most receptive audience.

Display Advertising in Publisher Emails

Have your advertisements inside emails from publication, like: Business Insider, The Denver Post, MSNBC, and CBS Interactive. You can optimize your ads to only show up for viewers in certain locations, or at specific times.


Reach your audience via their mobile phones through targeted ads, or social currency on mobile phone apps.
Reach targeted traffic on social engines through focused marking campaigns. Plus, increase your virality through social media sharing technologies.

(Google) TV

Google TV allows you to run commercials or video content on the exact locations you want: Cable channels, Online, Etc. With Google TV Ads, there are no upfront costs, no locked-in contracts and you are only charged post airings on impressions.


Get your message on online and offline marketing with a hand crafted Direct Response Radio campaign from our radio expert. The specific radio campaign will be crafted around your specific needs.


Make your PR reach even further. Utilizing call tracking technology you can provide unique phone numbers for any spots running your press releases off-line or online.Do you have a customer acquisition goal? Let us know what you’re looking for.

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