Case Study # 1: Paul Fredrick

Case Study #1: Expanding a Well Established Program: Paul Fredrick
Paul Fredrick
The Challenge: Paul Fredrick, an established cataloger and manufacturer of custom men’s apparel had begun an affiliate program on the LinkShare network in the late 90s and the revenue growth had become stagnant. Paul Fredrick selected RevUpNet to actively manage the affiliate program and grow the revenue from the channel on a pure performance basis. However, Paul Fredrick was insistent that the overall media spend remain consistent.

The Plan: We began a campaign of constant communication with the affiliate base to let them know that the program was actively managed and that RevUpNet would be available to answer the questions and address their needs. Prior to the beginning of each month, we provided three channel exclusive promotions to the affiliates, plus we provided links to popular sitewide promotions. We helped sort out technical issues with some of the links and began to provide affiliates with a regularly updated merchandiser feed. We compared the active affiliates in the program to our contact list and began working with inactive affiliates to re-test the Paul Fredrick program. After the first year of management, we added a second network and began recruiting new affiliates to the Paul Fredrick program.

The Results: After one year of active management we saw huge results, 77% growth from the previous year. After 10 months into the second year, it appears that we will grow revenue from the program by 44% this year. The media spend (commission rate + performance incentives + bonuses) has remained consistent with no increases.
Paul Fredrick Growth Graph