Affiliate Technologies


Pay-Per-Call Technology, if your business cares about sales calls AND wants more of them then you need call performance marketing. RingRevenue’s call performance marketing will deliver you MORE quality callers that convert to customers. Call performance marketing delivers results for all of your media channels, whether it is online, offline or mobile.


Dynamic Video Tracking Technology and Network, is an easy-to-use tool for adding affiliate tracking to advertiser videos. Advertisers and publishers can use Coull to achieve affiliate conversions via interactive video.

Additional Promotional Channels

  • Pay-Per-Click Marketing – Google, Yahoo, Bing, LinkedIn
  • Google Content Network
  • Facebook Advertising – Targeted display advertising using the exclusive Facebook API
  • Mobile Advertising – Targeted display advertising inside mobile apps on Apple and Android.
  • Twitter Celebrity Promotions
  • Tools

  • RevUpNet CRO – Click here to learn more about our Conversion Rate Optimization software and services.
  • Search Engine Optimization technology that lets you see all of the link placements of your competitors.
  • Competitive keyword reports that shows keywords in use by competitors and the level of importance of each keyword.
  • Multi-Channel Reporting that provides overall performance from all of your promotional channels through one interface.
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